stand for truth …

11 February 2015


~ an evening thought ~

When you stand for a truth, a truth that is yours and yours alone, you will release the hold that fear has over you and the negative energy that accompanies it. The fear that we create is exactly that – created by us, but can also be destroyed by us and it all begins with re-gaining control over the mind and stopping the negative thoughts from taking up space in our thinking patterns. You, at the essence – at the core of your being, know what is best for you and it is that truth that you must live by and follow so that you can flourish in your totality and expand in your greatness. The Divine Presence and Spirit that resides within, is constantly seeking ways to awaken and become more enlightened and with faith and trust in yourself and the path ahead, you can enter into union with your highest self and begin living and thriving from that space and place of love and abundance. You deserve it and you are worthy! x

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