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21 September 2015

IMG_1674If you want something then that wanting must also be coupled with action or else you will just keep getting more of ‘the wanting’. We often think that the laws of attraction and manifestation are enough if we just put out into the universe what we want in words, and whilst that generates momentum and the right energy to come back to us, unless the ‘wanting’ is partnered with ACTION then nothing will result. If you want to lose weight, if you want to get a new job, if you want to meet a new man/woman then you must put some action along with that thought to bring back to you those things with you desire and deserve. You must take a step towards where it is you want to go and keep building on that small step because it is those small steps that ultimately move mountains.
success doesn’t define you… you define the success and the only way to achieve success is with positivity, persistence and overwhelming any negative thought with a tremendous amount of POSITIVE ACTION! Go for what is yours in the Universe! YOU DESERVE IT!

~ happy monday beautiful friends ~

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