everything is energy …

17 January 2017
  • … who you choose to be and the state of your consciousness & the vibrational frequency you are emitting, will be mirrored back to you in all of your experiences. if you choose to send out energy of love, compassion, peace, gentleness and kindness, then all of your experiences will see this energy reflected back to you, just as the lower vibrational energies of anger, disharmony, unkindness will be what comes back. learn to pay attention to what experiences you are having and what (energetic) state you are in when these are occurring. what is your current thought process? Is it positive or negative? What words are you using and what conversations are you having? Are they lifting you and others up or are they defeating and limiting? what actions and behaviours are you using to express yourself? Are they constructive (e.g. Taking a walk to get some fresh air when you’re feeling frustrated) or are you turning to drugs and alcohol and an addictive, negative-behavioural pattern has now formed as your default coping mechanism? remember, there are always higher ways to perceive yourself and situations, and whilst you may not always choose this higher perspective, be open to the fact that there is one, so that your actions reflect the more positive and uplifting approach. 🌼 everything is energy … thoughts begin it, words give it creative power and behaviour establishes it, so remember when you go to act or react, life is not happening to you, life is responding to you, and if you want a “high vibe” life then choose high vibe in all you think, speak, create and do! The Universe will thank you for it! 👌

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