a few scratches, bumps and bruises …

16 June 2016

❤️we are experiencing a massive shift in consciousness and increased and expanded levels of awakening on an individual level – but more excitingly – on a COLLECTIVE LEVEL!  The HUMAN FAMILY IS WAKING UP! There is so much change occurring right now, and although there are some incidents that are quite negative currently occurring, they are having less and less impact because more people are quickly banding together in love and created a united front to reduce (and eliminate) the ripple effect of these events! more people are beginning to rise up in their truth, embrace who they are, and also embrace those around them for who they are and this is only causing us to go from strength to strength and deepen each of our individual commitments for being here! This morning, on my way home from Bikram Yoga, a young man “took me out” in my car. He was in a hurry and didn’t see me and we had an accident (everyone was ok). As we both sat there talking and chatting, there was such an appreciation for each other that we were both ok and an underlying level of warmth and understanding that surpassed any other damage that had occurred. Sure we were “strangers” on one level, but we were also very united on another and whilst he apologised profusely, all I could do was sit and smile because chaos on one level, is complete order on another – and the bigger picture was so much more than what a few scratches and dints were representing. We just sat there embracing each other, having a laugh as if we were old-friends and choosing to respond in kindness to each other and also ourselves, because some times life does catch you on the blind-side and you just need to bend to suit the situation and not allow the situation to break you. What matters more is how you take care of the PEOPLE AROUND you in those tough times and to give of yourself in love and kindness, if for no other reason – because that is who YOU ARE. By rising and choosing to respond in the energy of faith, hope, love, unity, oneness, kindness, gratitude and victory – we are truly lifting and raising the vibrational energy of the planet, and we are all helping each other along too! the more people who “wake up” to their next level of expansiveness, the more this shift will continue to occur and as we must truly begin to realise, we are all here, Earth Side, at this particular time for a reason! all of us, ARE ushers and channels in some unique way to help this process so BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE and continue to rise because WE NEED YOU!! The REAL REVOLUTION IS ONE OF CONSCIOUSNESS! IMG_6692

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