as long as …

19 March 2017

… when you do everything in the state and presence of love, it will be received in love, for what is sent from the heart is received in the heart. Our purpose, as we walk this earthly plane is to make love .. to make love through our creative ideas and to share them with the world so we can help other and advance the human family, to embrace each other in loving hugs and kisses, to make friends with strangers, to do something as simple as smile at someone which could brighten their day, and to simply enjoy each other’s company as we journey through life. As long as we know how to love … to allow ourselves to be embraced for who we are and to embrace all others in the same way, then we will always find our way home to ourselves and to then be able to connect to that peaceful resting place in each other where soul’s see soul’s and all else is illusion. It’s time to make love and to make love possible in all that we do … because LOVE ALWAYS WINS. ❤️

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