be aware, then take action!

29 March 2015

Are you seeing the world through your physical eyes or your spiritual eyes?
Are you paying attention to the messages that the Universe is constantly trying to show you or are you blindly, unconsciously and with a complete sense of detachment from yourself and the world, merely existing and not truly living? What message is trying to get to you by way of your addictions? What message is coming to you about your relationship patterns by you continually attracting the same type of person and having the same types of problems? What is it about your health and physical body that is constantly presenting itself to you and asking you to do something about it so that you can heal on the physical and spiritual level?  What message is trying to get to you by your financial issues and lack of abundance? And on the other side, what messages and lessons are you learning through the happy, fun, joyful and peaceful moments? The soul doesn’t need challenges to expand and grow, as there are a lot of things to be learnt from the good stuff too! The key thing is, is that it is one thing to recognise the messages, but it is quite another to recognise the message and then take action with that message and do something about it to change your life.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had intense moments of realisation and advancements on my own spiritual path. Even today, I had a beautiful brown snake cross my path and knowing that this message was from my Spirit Guides, completely humbled me. The symbolism of snakes is one of healing opportunities, change, important transitions and increasing energy is very aligned with where I am at in this part of my journey and I am thankful for this beautiful message as I experience change and transition on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Intense personal growth is upon me and this beautiful brown snake was reminding me of that. The colour brown also has relevance as brown is the colour of the Earth, so once again, a beautiful reminder that I need to re-ground myself and it is up to me, to choose to do or not do that. I think back to the moments when I was stuck in addictions, eating dis-orders, negative patterns and they would continually to present themselves over rand over gain and finally I got to the point where I had to really sit down and ask myself ‘what is this experience trying to teach me?’ and sometimes, id didn’t like the answer. Sometimes I wasn’t ready to face the truths that were presenting themselves to me, but I knew that in time, I would have to deal with it if I wanted  real and every lasting freedom. And when I was low enough, was frustrated enough and ready to do whatever I had to, to break free, it was in that moment of decision that my new destiny was shaped.


However, at first, whilst I was recognising the messages and saying to myself “yea I really need to do something about that” , I never followed through and what do you know? The messages have just been trying to get to me again and again, sometimes in the exact same way, or something in a slightly different way, and now, it is time for me to step up!  It wasn’t until the last few days where I have had to kick my own butt a little and make a decision and follow through, have changes really started to happen. The adjustments can be simply by way of a change of thinking, because I firmly believe that when you gain power over your mind, you then take back your own power over your life, and when you make these changes, they will serve you for a higher, more positive purpose, as opposed to feeling stuck in fear and limitations that we often reduce ourselves to. And with any change that needs to be made, think ‘what is the worst that can happen?’ and when you really face that fear, you will begin to realise that it is all just a limiting thought, and thoughts can easily be changed.

The Universe and Higher Divine Power, are constantly speaking to us, by giving us messages through our thoughts, ideas, dreams, people coming into our lives, animals crossing our paths or career opportunities presenting themselves. These messages are always unique to each of us, and being given to us in the ways that we will recognise them and understand them, but you must be open to receiving them. Allow yourself to question things about why you think you believe/don’t believe something, ask what the message is in a thought or idea you’re constantly having or take action on something you always have wanted to do and see what doors it opens. Welcome every experience that comes to you as an opportunity to grow and learn more about who you are and release any negative energy that is weighing you down so you can bring in all the positive energy that is seeking you. Change is never easy but it is always worth it and when you allow yourself the space to seek your truth, you will find your freedom, because your life will be about authenticity, fearlessness, limitlessness and seeker something grander than the physical body and world you’re confining yourself to. You are a soul having a temporary human experience, not a human being having a temporary spiritual experience and when you recognise that, you will begin to realise that you have no boundaries, that there is nothing you can’t achieve or do, and that the ego (the fear part of your mind) does not exist unless you give it power to do so. With this, comes passion, determination and belief that you can and will reach new heights you never thought possible and begin to experience a depth and power to your existence that you never once knew.

If you don’t move beyond that which you have already mastered, you will never grow. Trust yourself that you know what is best for you, and that the Divine Presence that is watching over you, is also flowing through you, and that the Divine Source is a source of power and possibility and given you are a piece of that same source, so are you … x

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