believe 🙌🏻

11 February 2017

.. believe in all of the things you consistently are working towards and praying for, because if you cannot go a moment without thinking about it, it means that you are to pursue it and the reason it is not ceasing from your thoughts is because there is something within that dream and vision that carries a big message about your life’s purpose and soul mission. there comes a time when the old way that has been part of you for so long naturally dissolves as it has served its purpose and now with the wisdom, strength, faith, courage and conviction you have acquired, will see the new coming into your life with all of this wealth of knowledge and experience to support you. Learn to be appreciative of all that you have been through and take pride in yourself for how far you have come. 🙌🏻 Tonight we welcome another FULL MOON, and with full moon’s comes an opportunity to turn any negatives into positives and to bring something into existence. You can use this time to release anything that is weighing you down, and the first thing that came to mind is a great place to start as it came to the front of your thinking for a reason. We as individuals and as a collective human family are experiencing many shifts and turns at the moment and the perspective we choose to take will either see this as a positive or as a negative, but either way, changes will always occur. celebrate what you have achieved and release with love, all of those things that are no longer serving you. donate old clothes, forgive someone who needs forgiving (this may even be yourself!), change the furniture around to shift the energy and even try something you have never done. always remember that there is a divine purpose for everything therefore a divine presence in everything and everything you do deposits something on the inside. Is it negative or is it positive? you deserve to love your life and to live the great life that you have been created for. God bless you and may the plan that Our Creator has for your life be the one that succeeds. 🙏🏻

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