believe …

14 June 2016
choose to believe …
in yourself
in other people
in your dreams
in your own power to change your life
in your gifts, talents and abilities
in how unique and amazing you areIMG_6621
in your “I CAN DO IT!” power
… and in the KNOWING that God/Spirit has nothing but success in your future but you must align with this KNOWING and begin to visualise from that state, not a self-defeating and self-limiting one. When you choose to focus with POSITIVE INTENT, your life will reflect those things back to you, just as if you continue to focus on the negative, your experiences will become exactly that. You are such a powerful Being and your thoughts and words have creative power so be very mindful of what you’re thinking and saying or even just saying to yourself. Don’t attach any intensity to the negative – instantly dismiss it, so that you can flood yourself with positivity and self-enhancing thoughts and then behaviours.
When you align with the Divine Intelligence that moves in you and through you, you will create a shift from “i’m not sure if I can do this!” to an unrelenting knowing that “YES I CAN and YES I WILL” attitude and you will re-align with your true-purpose for being here; Earth Side. Do this, and you will become all that you were created to be. BELIEVE IN YOUR VISIONS … they were given to you for a reason, just as the power to make them happen was also given to you. YOU DESERVE YOUR DREAMS & they are WAITING FOR YOU! xx

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