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your scars make you beautiful.

21 March 2017

… every detail about you is exquisite and part of the beautiful mosaic that is your life. yes some of us (myself included) have physical scars that we carry through life – battle wounds if you will, but we all carry scars, pain, heart aches and heart breaks that others …Continue Reading…

you matter!

17 March 2017

you are here for a reason as there is something for you to do that only YOU can do! never forget how valued and important you are to this world. No one is you and that is your power.  💕

the soul …

16 March 2017

… the truth you seek is closer than you think and is revealed when we remove the layers of limitations the human consciousness has taken on, so that the soul can reveal what it already knows. It is not so much about finding our highest self in as much as …Continue Reading…

your light …

12 March 2017

✨ your light can never be destroyed by any darkness that may come to you. the darkness is nothing to be scared of for the darkness represents a great paradox of life: the darkness is also the light, the challenge is also the victory and the pain is also the …Continue Reading…

goodnight ✨🌙✨

9 March 2017

… may the moon share her secrets and the stars shed their love and light, as you sleep and dream sweet dreams. goodnight, friends! ✨🌙✨