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Life is ..

🌈 Life is not something that is randomly happening to you, life is responding to you. Everything you think, say and do, will manifest in some way and in some time within the cosmos, so if you want an abundant blessed life, start thinking, speaking and aligning conscious action with positive intentions! Your life is the result of every choice you make! ✨

surrender, embrace.


🌙 SURRENDER. EMBRACE. 🌙 first quarter moon phase is upon us once again and this waxing/growing phase represents NEW beginnings, NEW growth, planting NEW ideas to come into fruition and is also a great time to learn, read and gain NEW knowledge and wisdom. Stay open to new ideas, thoughts, visions and dreams that you have and if you feel drawn to something that you may have otherwise not been drawn to in the past, then this is your time to FOLLOW IT! The seeds that are planted now have the exciting potential to blossom into something NEW and amazing so don’t be shy, follow your insight and as the moon grows, so too shall your dream. SURRENDER the old to make way for the new and EMBRACE all that is flowing to you, in you and through you so that your positive intentions create and manifest positive results. The Universe will always give you It’s best if you allow it … As above, so too below. Namaste. ✨🌙


the soul knows how to get you to where it is that you need to go. don’t stop until you find the peace that is yours, the success that is awaiting your timely arrival & the love that wishes to embrace you. you are divine, so too is the path you seek and travel. look down … you’re already walking it. 📿

I am worthy … and so are you.

… the forces of love, perfect health, happiness and success are stronger than any energy consumed by anger, negativity, defeat or fear, and when you choose to tap into the higher energies and frequencies that will serve your best interest, all else naturally dissolves into the nothingness that it is. Yes there are challenges and forces that may be trying to stop you from achieving your goals but it all comes down to the perspective you choose to have. Will you see the challenges as a tool that has been perfectly and divinely aligned on your path to help you learn and to grow, or will you see the obstacle as being something that is happening to you not for you and you give up in defeat? A challenge comes right before a victory and it will also reveal how much you really want what you say you want. The choice you make in that moment of hardship and trial will then direct the path you follow and the steps you take. The beautiful thing about all of life is that life is based on CHOICES and it is the choices we make that determine the direction of our life. If you allow your hopes to be chosen from a presence and state of LOVE, backed up with a belief and deep inner knowing that you can achieve your goals and you are worthy of a great life, your life will move in that direction and all that you require to help fulfil your soul’s mission and divine life purpose will perfectly align with you and gravitate towards you. Perfect peace, health, happiness and love is our natural resting state … all else is illusion. I AM WORTHY OF A GREAT LIFE … AND SO ARE YOU!! 💕 HAPPY FRIDAY! 💕