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goodnight ✨🌙✨

9 March 2017

… may the moon share her secrets and the stars shed their love and light, as you sleep and dream sweet dreams. goodnight, friends! ✨🌙✨  

love yourself.

26 October 2016

  ✨ you are magnificent. never be afraid to act like the masterpiece that you are. ✨


9 October 2016

take some time today and stand in awe and appreciation of the beautiful world we live in, the trees, the sunshine, the rain, the little lizards in the garden, how your child’s face lights up when they are playing in the park, the way the clouds form and move along …Continue Reading…

1 October 2016

to love, whether that is another person, a beautiful day, delicious food, an animal, or the feel of the ocean, you always know when you are in a state and presence of love because it leaves you speechless. love does not need to be saved for romantic relationships, date nights, …Continue Reading…


26 September 2016

  Just be you. All else will come. Sit in the centre, stay close to your heart and soul, breathe. Patience pays. Let the hand of God work for you, in you and through you. The One who has created you, let It create all of the environments, circumstances and …Continue Reading…