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for every …

For every vision there is always provision and protection. When we are given a dream, and a vision is placed in our hearts, that also means that everything we need to complete that dream and see that vision come to life, also has been given to us. If you require endurance to persevere for a period of time in order for you to learn and to grow and to overcome challenges, then that endurance will be placed within so that you can tap into that resource when you need it. If you require support and a team to help you bring a dream to pass, then the right people will show up at the perfect time or they may already be on your path and you just need to open your eyes and mind. The point is, is that you have been given your dreams for a reason, because you are the best carrier of that particular message, but you have also been given the power to make those dreams come true. Remember YOU CAN DO IT, and you are never asked to walk and will never be asked to walk this journey, through this life, alone. The Universe wants you to succeed and all you need to do is ask for help as to what steps you need to take and also ask to be given the courage to trust those internal messages and to implement whatever it is that they are calling you to do. Surrender your way for The Divine’s way, and I can promise you, your life will change and grow in miraculous ways. Every birth of a new dream is the end of an old way of being, and whilst change is inevitable, growth is optional. Choose to grow, choose to evolve and change and you will not only tap into talents and gifts of your being that you did not know you possess, but your life will reach new heights that will leave you in awe of the wonderful journey that this life promises us. YOU ARE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS AND YOU ARE CAPABLE OF ACHIEVING BEAUTIFUL THINGS IN THIS LIFETIME. Never stop dreaming and believing, because something really miraculous happens when you do both. May you always trust and know the divine messages you receive. God Bless. ✨

trust and respect the plan and path for your life.

… every goal you are ever going to work towards has a pre-established plan and process attached to it. There are steps that are required to be taken and one builds upon the next. When we choose to follow God’s plan for our life and choose (and yes it is a choice) to surrender our free-will and give God permission to overhaul our lives and to take charge, is where the steps of faith we are going to be asked to take, will begin to become visible and we will know what to do. And when we choose to follow God, it always works out a lot better than we could ever have imaged for ourselves! For every vision there is also provision and protection and everything you need for your journey will always be provided for and this journey and dance through the cosmos is one that you are never being asked to walk alone, for God is always with you as well as the Earth-Angels He has placed by your side and in your life, that come in the form of your family, friends, loved ones and even people you may never know who are praying for you. Trust YOUR process because it is unique to you, and trust your plan and path because it was specifically designed for you to travel even before you incarnated into this world. You WILL get to where you want to go if you pray about everything, choose God’s plan for your life over how you think something should go, work hard and be consistent in showing up to each moment as open-hearted and open-minded as you possibly can because you ARE destined for greatness … all you need to do is believe that you can and be willing to do whatever you are being guided to do each and everyday. ❣️ May the plan that God has for your life be the one to succeed. ❣️

the world at your fingertips.

when you combine the power and passion within, with strength and positive actions, there is nothing that cannot be created, and there are entire worlds waiting to be created at the very end of your fingertips. every “unimaginable” has the potential within to become the imaginable and is simply a date from the Universe to see if you will follow that “unimaginable” to prove what is possible and what the human spirit and human will, matched with The Divine Spirit & Will are capable of.✨You are a catalyst for divine creation. ✨
Do what you can where you are with what you have and The Universe will take care of the rest.
May your day be filled with purpose & divinely inspired creation. 🙌🏻

surrender, embrace.


🌙 SURRENDER. EMBRACE. 🌙 first quarter moon phase is upon us once again and this waxing/growing phase represents NEW beginnings, NEW growth, planting NEW ideas to come into fruition and is also a great time to learn, read and gain NEW knowledge and wisdom. Stay open to new ideas, thoughts, visions and dreams that you have and if you feel drawn to something that you may have otherwise not been drawn to in the past, then this is your time to FOLLOW IT! The seeds that are planted now have the exciting potential to blossom into something NEW and amazing so don’t be shy, follow your insight and as the moon grows, so too shall your dream. SURRENDER the old to make way for the new and EMBRACE all that is flowing to you, in you and through you so that your positive intentions create and manifest positive results. The Universe will always give you It’s best if you allow it … As above, so too below. Namaste. ✨🌙