celebrate YOUrself

19 August 2016


are you praising yourself for all of the hard work, faith, determination and commitment, you are showing to your goals and dreams? how many times do you congratulate yourself or buy yourself something special, as a reward for all of the work that you are doing?

when was the last time you stopped for a moment to reflect upon how far you have come?


Take some time today to celebrate yourself & to reward yourself for your hard work and all that you are doing, because YOU DESERVE IT! yes it is nice when our efforts are noticed and acknowledged by others, but avoid waiting around for someone else to praise you because that creates a space for your worth to based on what others think and say (other worth), instead of on yourself (self worth). PRAISE YOURSELF for all of the small steps you take, the little wins you make along the way, as well as the big goals accomplished, because it all matters and YOU DESERVE IT!! keep going … YOU ARE DOING GREAT!

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