change is inevitable, growth is optional …

30 March 2017

… it is easy to do the things we know how to do & to keep repeating them because they are comfortable and familiar, but how much do we really grow by doing the same thing again and again? We only truly grow when we stretch ourselves … when we try new things, cook a new recipe, embrace a new skill, try new puzzles that stretch our thinking, take a pottery class, embrace a friendship or relationship with someone that is different to us, and open ourselves up to new hobbies and interests, because it is in these new opportunities that we develop and evolve, because when we try new things, gifts and talents we did not even know we had emerge & new strengths begin to unfold. Try something that you have never done & generally a good place to start is by asking yourself what you have said “I can’t do that!” too and then go do exactly that! Overwhelm that negative thought with a POSITIVE ACTION and watch what happens!! Yes you may be unsure of how to begin or even where to begin, but if you pull on your inner wisdom and already well established-strengths and use those resources to get you started, you will gradually build momentum. Even asking someone for help from can also see those “I can’t do that!” become “I can do that … I DID do that!”. There is so much out there to explore and to enjoy and comfort zones are only zones of contentment never true, deep, nourishing and everlasting fulfilment. It is ok to change and to allow yourself to evolve and grow so that you can become all that you are destined to become and created to be. Change is inevitable, growth is optimal!  GO FOR IT! ❤️

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