don’t give up.

2 November 2015

the moment you are about to give up is the same moment that holds the key to your potential. when you feel like you can’t go on or you have nothing left to give, remember why you started and what it means to YOU and allow that energy to fuel your progression. we often say ‘it isn’t easy but it is worth it’ and you know what? that’s rubbish. we make it harder than it needs to be and convince ourselves that we are here to continually suffer and be challenged. suffering is a choice … challenges are a given but they don’t need to be viewed in a negative way as our challenges help us develop our strengths and teach us lessons which are blessings in disguise – it is all a matter of perception. The Divine/God/Universe has already gone before us and made the crooked path straight and it is up to us to trust the path and believe in ourselves. everything else will come.thumb_IMG_2322_1024

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