18 September 2016


there are so many blessings with our name on them and not only are they gifts from the Heavens that are sent down, but they also come from all around us, and most of all – from within. you are a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, beauty, strength, peace, inspiration and creativity, and if you allow those gifts on the inside to come through you and to therefore be expressed to the outside world, your life will shift and move in miraculous ways. So often we call to the Heavens for help and assistance and the Universe responds accordingly … but what we must also remember is that when the Universe calls us to ‘step up’ – we must honour that call and do our part in equal measure. This relationship is reciprocal and it is a cycle of giving and receiving in equal measure to fully be able to reap the rewards of every blessing and dream that has been given to us. The Universe is always working in your favour, so do your part and get aligned with it, so that you can be the most powerful duo that this planet has every seen. you are not just seeking the Universe … the Universe is seeking you because by you being here – Earth Side –  you are allowing the Universe to experience itself subjectively. The Universe is so darn amazing … and you know what? SO ARE YOU!

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