evolution through elevation.

when you heal and take a positive step in the direction towards your soul’s purpose, you raise the standard of your life and all that is in existence around you, for when you take those positive steps to release all of those things are weighing you down, that are fuelled by toxic and negative energy, you are releasing yourself and also the planet, and the less negative energy there is the more room there is for the positive to flow and grow. consciously choosing to be peaceful when the environment around you is nothing but chaotic, helps to spread peace because you put peaceful energy out into the Universe. be the peacemaker. choosing to take a breath before you respond to someone who is frustrated and angry or a child who is trying your patience, sends out compassion and calmness because you have chosen to be in that state and what is sent with love behind it is therefore received in love. choosing to show someone kindness because that is who you are, raises the standards of all the interactions you then have with others and once again, contributes to the positive elevation of humanity. never doubt that the small acts of kindness, love, peacefulness, gentleness, understanding and gratitude that you display don’t matter, because they do. it is the small acts repeated that transcends the negativity and continually allows for the elevation of humanity to gain momentum and to be continued. yes we have our ‘human moments’ of frustration and feeling overwhelmed but we also do have the opportunity in these moments to tap into the higher parts of our self that always know a better way to respond so that all involved can be protected and provided for as we process an experience. all that we do matters and it all means something so by consciously choose the energy we are putting out and reflecting on what we are sending out into the world, does make a difference. a small act is often the birth position for many great things and if you give the world your best, it will always return the favour. 💙💛

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