fear is your friend!

1 February 2015


~ an afternoon wondering ~

When you face your fear, face what scares you and you step towards fear instead of away from it, you will truly come to see where you can grow and how far you can go. Fear and limitations are just illusions that we create, but we also have the power to destroy and conquer them. We are not here to suffer, we are not here to constantly be bombarded with worry and your soul does not need suffering to grow and thrive. You can gain just as much from joy, happiness, love, kindness and gratitude as you can from your struggles. Yes your struggles will help develop your strengths and open you up to what truly matters to you, but your ‘high’ moments also teach you valuable lessons like humility, gratitude, compassion, being of service to others and above all – love. Face the things that you believe will destroy you and remember that fear is all in your mind. It has no power over you unless you allow it to dominate your thinking and replace fear thoughts with thoughts that support your expansion and growth and come from that place of certainty, inspiration, purpose, brilliance and power. xxx

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