give yourself permission to shine …

22 February 2016


… an afternoon wondering in my wandering …

have you given yourself permission to take the next step along your path?
whether that is moving deeper in a relationship you are in, or changing career/calling paths that more align you to what makes you happy, or even in developing a closer relationship with Spirit/God/Universe… have you given yourself mission to say YES I AM WORTHY of all that my heart and soul knows I am to embrace? or are you living in fear of failure or even fear of success? 

Yes each new level is going to require a different you, more challenges, more triumphs, more frustrations and greater joy, but that is all part of the plan. we never grow if we continue to do what we know we can do and if we choose to live inside of our comfort zones. take a small step and instead of focusing on the 10 things they may go ‘wrong’, focus and believe in the 1 thing that will go ‘right’.

are you keeping yourself small?
are you living the life you know you are meant to live and want to live?

you are given your dreams for a reason and you are also, given the power to make them happen.


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