God first.

img_0356…may you have courage and strength to travel the divine path your soul is yearning to walk. there are two paths in life we can choose from: one is to walk with our purpose and the other it so turn from it and walk the other way … One path is a path that sees you being fulfilled, nourished and achieving every dream imaginable, and the other will see you only ever having the dream. all it takes is the smallest whisper of “yes” coupled with a tiny amount of faith and willingness to tap into your own greatness, and you are on your way to serve your divine purpose and to allow your purpose to then serve you. you know what is in your heart and soul and what is calling you, and that calling is not something that is ever going to leave your life. you can ignore it, but that doesn’t mean it goes away. It simply means that it has temporarily faded into the background and will wait for a quiet moment to reveal itself again and again and again and … well, you get the picture. shake off the doubt, embrace the power within you that knows you CAN DO IT and continue to go back to your inner “can do” place to top-up and refuel every time you run a little low on self belief. you do have it in you, you can achieve your dreams and the more action you put behind your dreams, the bigger they will grow. and above all else – remember that you not alone. The Universe is waiting for you to show up, so that It can too! blessings to you my friends.

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