God is …

16 December 2016


God is the only power to turn your tests into testimonies and your mess into a message that can be shared with the world. Whether you call this Higher Power and Presence by the name of God, Our Creator, Divine, Him, Her, It, Highest Consciousness or the Universe – the name does not matter. What matters, is the recognition of the Divine Higher Power and Presence that is in everything and everything is in It, and that if we are to make any progress as individuals and as the collective consciousness – the human family – then this requires aligning and embracing this Presence and living from this place. The deeper you surrender and allow yourself to fall and flow in this presence, the higher you and the entire Planet Earth will rise in life. We need to accept this Presence back into our lives and countries if we are to regain any form of stability and peace for this generation and all of those coming up behind us. Never doubt that the work you do to evolve your soul, the small acts of kindness you do and the small steps of faith you make, doesn’t make a difference because IT DOES! it all adds up and changes the world! ✨ God is the crossroads between the possible and the impossible, and if you take what you know to God (the possible) and then allow God to tell you what He knows (the impossible), you will be successful in all of your endeavours. Your answers are only a prayer away, and if you choose to “show up” and do your part, The Universe will do Its. ✨

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