honour yourself. honour God.

your dreams were given to YOU for a reason, just as you were given the power to make them happen. no one can do what YOU can do because no one is you and no one else ever will be you so that makes YOU pretty darn unique!! believe in your dreams and visions and trust that God has picked you for a reason and that a way to make it all come to pass has already been laid out for you.  yes there will be challenges and frustrations but they are all part of the journey and divinely orchestrated to help you grow, learn, gather experience and then use those experiences to help those around you, and the world. there is a DIVINE PURPOSE FOR EVERYTHING, THEREFORE A DIVINE PRESENCE IN EVERYTHING, so dream big but most of all – never stop dreaming. period. THERE IS GREATNESS IN YOU and if you can just manifest and collect even the smallest bit of “I can do this” faith and energy, then you will see your life unfold in ways you could never have imagined. YOU ARE MEANT TO SUCCEED SO START BELIEVING IT! Forget the BS that other people tell you and that you can’t do it and you will never make it – that’s their attitude but it doesn’t need to be yours. CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE and then live your life according to your own rules and leave your legacy and your mark on the world.  God/Spirit is so amazing and you know what? SO ARE YOU! 13267915_1129942807046912_949457404217122701_n

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