it’s the movement in your mind …

2 January 2017


… who you become in pursuit of your goals and dreams, often times, has a greater impact on you than the actual attainment of the goal. the courage you develop, the faith you strengthen and the passion you continue to work from, will not only develop your character, but it will strengthen the conviction of your soul, and the purpose you are here to fulfil. we have arrived at a new cycle – a new year … But it is not the flip of the calendar that produces the newness of life, it is the movement in your mind. you are your own best friend or your own worst enemy and if you have been on the team of the latter, then it is time to switch up sides. you deserve a great life … One that is filled with love, perfect health, happiness, love, abundance, peace, victory and success, and if you are not on the path you know you ought to be and wish to be on, then simply change. change will get uncomfortable at first but that is a positive sign that you are moving out of your comfort zone and into a new, more positive level of your destiny. the uncomfortable feeling is only temporary … But the glory and success you attain by allowing yourself to go through this process is forever. you need your dreams to be realised as do we; the connected human family that we are, because when you succeed we all do. straighten your crown, work hard, dream your dreams and then live your dreams. Everything is a choice in this journey .. the choice to follow your path or not, the choice to take a leap of faith or stay in familiarity, the choice to have a positive attitude and perspective or a negative one … your free-will stems from the power that you have been given to make the choice to answer and honour your calling or not … and you ARE A VERY POWERFUL HUMAN BEING because of the great power and presence that resides within; the in dwelling Divine. ⭐️ There is GREATNESS IN YOU & YOU DESERVE AN AMAZING LIFE! peace, love and blessings

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