if you want to ask someone out – just do it.
if you want to visit a friend or relative you haven’t seen in ages – just do it.
if you want to let go of an addiction or negative habit – just do it.
if you want to live the life of your dreams – just do it.

for a moment, pretend you are on your final hours in this lifetime & reflecting back upon your life, and you say to yourself; “I wish I had done more …..” And whatever comes up, realise that it is something that means something to you and start doing it! It may be travelling, it may be spending more time having fun and less time working, taking up that art class or learning how to dance … whatever it is then start doing it now and realise there is more to life than waking up, working, paying bills and sleeping.

we never know what the next hour, day, month or year may hold as we are never promised a tomorrow. we learn from yesterday, hope for a tomorrow but the power comes in embracing and living for this moment because this moment is your life. life shifts and changes, as we do, and it is up to us as to what meaning we give each moment for it will soon become a memory. don’t put anything off … just do it. do more than merely exist … LIVE!


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