keep going!

✨ a challenge always comes right before a victory. ✨ When you feel like giving up, it means you are very close to a breakthrough, seeing a new level of healing and health, an increase in finances and abundance, a relationship is about to be restored or a new level of your destiny is about to be revealed. These are all positive signs and steps that you ARE on the correct path although it may feel as though you are travelling further away from your goals and dreams. 🌟 Life is not meant to be hard or a constant struggle or at least to feel as though it is. Yes there will be challenges in life … these are growth periods and these challenges are opportunities for breakthroughs to soon present themselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually, so allow the challenge to come, learn what you need to and surrender the rest that no longer serves you. 👏🏼 Recognise when you are going through a challenging time and to see it for what it is – an opportunity to learn and to grow and try not to become too emotionally evolved or you may begin to feel as though the experience is happening to you, not FOR YOU. Recognise the challenge, ask yourself “what is this experience trying to teach me?” and then do yourself a favour and simply let go of what you need to so that a state of ease and simplicity can flow to you and through you because when you are at peace, you are able to hear your inner voice (intuition) more clearly and are in a more receptive state to take the message and implement what you are being asked to. You deserve a great life and the life of your dreams so that you go from simply having the dream, to actually LIVING your dream. 🙌🏻 YOU ARE STRONG, YOU ARE ABLE TO DO IT, and you have not come this far to give up now. 🙏🏻 KEEP GOING (!!!) and may the plan that God has for your life be the one to succeed. 💙

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