life is a dance of creation …

IMG_1027the agenda of the soul is one of pure truth, love, freedom and beauty. often times we fight so hard to hold on to things we believe matter and at the same time can be fighting so hard to let those same things go. let go. release the clutches and strongholds you have on life and how you think it should be, and embrace the beauty that is before you. if you know that there is something you need to do, someone you want to be with or somewhere you need to go, never be afraid to follow the light that is illuminating the path for you. let go of all that is weighing you down and surrender to what is presenting itself to you and embrace it with every cell of your being.
you have brought yourself into this world so that you might know and experience who you are in your totality and when the time to leave comes, you will also take yourself out in your totality. Who you are, is who you create yourself to be relative to that which is around you and all the relationships you form with other people, objects and things are holy ground. Get to know the highest part of yourself so that you can experience yourself in all your glory as you must see yourself as worthy, before passing this gift onto others and lighting that flame in them. Keep expanding your vision, make your own rules and remember that you are boundless and limitless and that you are in a constant dance of creation with Life. Life is wild, crazy, challenging, amazing, exquisite, frustrating, magnificent, perfection, always beautiful … and so are you.

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