the most complex, intriguing, confusing, amazing and fulfilling journey you will ever embark on, is the journey of Life. As you progress down this path, each moment you are given a new opportunity to not only create a little bit more of your story, but also to reveal a deeper truth to yourself that enables you to know a little bit more about yourself. So often we try and force things with how we think they are meant to be and by doing so, that causes us pain. Pain in the sense that we are not surrendering to the Higher Power that is guiding over us, speaking in us and also sending a message through us – and trying to do things our way when we need to relax into life and trust the process. If we continue to hold onto pain, we then turn that into suffering, and this is just a sign that we have misunderstood ourselves and are trying to grip too tightly to something. The moment you release attachment to an outcome and just do things because they make you happy and you are speaking from your soul, is the moment your blessing will arrive. Be persistent – yes, be consistent – yes, but allow faith to override it all.
There is a Divine Power always working in your favour and you just need to trust it.

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