live in the moment …


Each moment ends the instant it begins. If we do not see this, we will not see what is exquisite in it, the beauty and perfection in it and the moment will then be considered ordinary. Each interaction, which is always a divine interaction, “begins to end” the instant it “begins to begin”. Only when this is truly thought about and deeply understood does the full treasure of every moment – and of all of life itself – open. And any appreciation of life, must also come with an appreciation of death as life can’t give itself to us if we do not understand death. IMG_1782And when we understand and are not fearful of it, then life truly begins. we must do more than understand it though. we must love it, even as we love life. this is not meant as a gloomy sentiment but a highly rich full and happy one as our time with each person would be glorified if we thought it was our last time with that person. our experience of each moment would be enhanced beyond measure if we thought it was the last such moment. we are constantly changing, evolving, transforming and it always depends on how we choose to look at something and the meaning we then take from that experience. to some, the flower can be seen as dying in which case, that could be a sad experience. yet if you choose to see the flower as part of a whole tree that is changing and will soon bear fruit and more beautiful flowers, you will see the flower’s true beauty.

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