love ❤️

…the very presence that sustains us, embodies us and unites us, is love. unconditional love is our birthright, our divine inheritance, our heritage and is the place we come from and the place we shall return to. there are no versions of love for love is truth and truth is whole and perfect and all else said to be ‘love’ that is not expressed in its totality is simply illusion. you deserve love because you are the very perfection it embodies, and you do not need to beg for it or earn it. you are worthy of love purely because you exist and you deserve to be honoured as the miracle and blessing that you are. to love and to be loved is the very foundation of this human experience and what the walk of life is about. when we make love & make love possible in all that we do, how we connect to each other and the highest state we rise to when we allow ourselves to give it and to receive it, it becomes the essence of who we are … and love will always triumph. 💕

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