New moon in Scorpio! New moons whilst 100% invisible, also bring in a wave of vulnerability but that does not mean it needs to be ushered in with any anxiety, worry or fear. Quite the opposite! A new moon represents the beginning of the first half of the lunar cycle, which is when the Moon is waxing (growing and gaining light), therefore the energy of the New Moon serves as a guidepost for those first days of the cycle. SCORPIO symbolises, power, intense, deep and passionate energy, coupled with power that can be used to (positively & consciously) control and transform. It likes and seeks what is real whilst disconnecting from anything that is lacking substance and authenticity. This can come in career choices, jobs, friendships, relationships and even parts of ourselves that we wish to polish up to something more sparkly and that will help us express and experience our personal light. When setting intentions for this New Moon, look at everything that has played out for you in the last week, and use the next few days as a significant time to make a greater effort to expand on what is working, what has been previously initiated to help propel you into your destiny, and to take the necessary steps to move you BEYOND anything that is blocking you and limiting you from you fully expressing your true Divinity. the most impactful time to make your intentions for the Moon cycle is during the first 24 hours following the New Moon but still significant whenever you choose to align with the Moon’s energy. As an act of symbolism & conscious active intention, write down all of the things that no longer serve you, what you wish to bring into your life and then release it all with love. then, create a space within to welcome and embrace all that wishes to positively serve you, so that you can positively serve the world. HAPPY NEW MOON!

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