30 April 2017

… when you believe in something and are taking the necessary steps in order to see that dream and blessing manifest, you cannot but have what it is your soul is asking for. doubt and excuses create blockages to seeing dreams come to pass, love and self belief creates the dream and there is nothing that can stop you once you believe in yourself. yes there may be many things that cause you to believe why it can’t work, but the 1 reason why IT CAN AND WILL is all you need to help you get started and keep moving along your path. 🌟 never settle for average, never allow yourself to be told that you cannot do something and never think you have fallen to far off your path & that it is too late for you to get back, because it is never too late and you are never too far gone for it to not be worth trying again. Only YOU decide what it is that you do & your point of power is always in the ‘now’ – this present time and at any given moment you have the power to change your life and to say “this is not how this story is going to go any further” and to do something positive to turn your life around, so that you can become all that you were created to be and destined to become. someone else’s beauty and talents does not lessen your own and the world needs YOU and what has been placed inside of you that was and is yours to have carried from the spiritual to the earthly. You’ve already done the first part – showed up to life (aka been ‘born’ into the earthly) and now it is time to find out why, remember your why and live your why! There is so much within that you are destined to gift to the world, so never shy away from what you have been called to do because that is a mission ONLY YOU can fulfil. Your hope will turn into faith and faith is the bridge between the unseen and the seen because when you act in faith, you are planting seeds that whilst you may know how they will grow, you simply trust that they will and you trust the higher power and presence that turns that seed into a flower. It is not the person who waters the seed that makes it grow … it is the presence that created the water and the faith in the water that sees that seed realise its potential and become all it was created to become. This world needs your talent, your smile, your creativity, your acting, your singing, your ideas, your faithfulness, your integrity, your honesty, your loyalty, your parenting skills, your piano playing, your teaching and your passion … thank you for being here, because this world needs YOU! ✨🌙🌈🌍🌔🌸

you matter.

24 April 2017

souls connect to souls in all divine expression of the Divine. underneath the surface of the physical, recognising we are one with all that was, is and ever shall be, and it is this connection that sets the soul on fire and drives the purpose for our lives and is what keeps the experience of earth-life progressing, advancing and evolving into higher states of being. in one way or another we all yearn for connection as there is no greater feeling to know you belong and to know you have helped someone else know that they too belong, however on a deeper level this is not just about the human family … this connection must also include and embrace all other forms of life from the animals to the plants to the many moons in the sky, for we are all stardust floating on rays of sunbeams and we will leave as we came … birthed from magnificence, existing in beauty and returning to splendour. life is about connection, taking care of each other, the planet, all of life and embracing this amazing and sacred journey we have been given the privilege of travelling. love harder than any pain you have ever felt and keep on loving. love is the only thing that matters and love always comes out on top.  ✨🌙🌳🌔🌷🐛💕

the stars …

18 April 2017

… goodnight, sweetest of dreams and may every star that shines upon you, bring you a bright & beautiful blessing upon the birth of each new day. ✨🌙


12 April 2017








💛 what is sent from the heart is received by the heart and love is what this entire human experience & journey is about. love is the best thing we can do. 💛

you are Divine.

10 April 2017

✨🌙 energy is neither created or destroyed … it simply transforms & you are part of the divine design & represent what has been, what is and what will be. appreciate your beauty and applaud your magnificence because the entire universe salutes you and is in awe of its own beauty that is reflected in you and through you. ✨🌙