I am worthy … and so are you.

7 April 2017

… the forces of love, perfect health, happiness and success are stronger than any energy consumed by anger, negativity, defeat or fear, and when you choose to tap into the higher energies and frequencies that will serve your best interest, all else naturally dissolves into the nothingness that it is. Yes there are challenges and forces that may be trying to stop you from achieving your goals but it all comes down to the perspective you choose to have. Will you see the challenges as a tool that has been perfectly and divinely aligned on your path to help you learn and to grow, or will you see the obstacle as being something that is happening to you not for you and you give up in defeat? A challenge comes right before a victory and it will also reveal how much you really want what you say you want. The choice you make in that moment of hardship and trial will then direct the path you follow and the steps you take. The beautiful thing about all of life is that life is based on CHOICES and it is the choices we make that determine the direction of our life. If you allow your hopes to be chosen from a presence and state of LOVE, backed up with a belief and deep inner knowing that you can achieve your goals and you are worthy of a great life, your life will move in that direction and all that you require to help fulfil your soul’s mission and divine life purpose will perfectly align with you and gravitate towards you. Perfect peace, health, happiness and love is our natural resting state … all else is illusion. I AM WORTHY OF A GREAT LIFE … AND SO ARE YOU!! 💕 HAPPY FRIDAY! 💕

change is inevitable, growth is optional …

30 March 2017

… it is easy to do the things we know how to do & to keep repeating them because they are comfortable and familiar, but how much do we really grow by doing the same thing again and again? We only truly grow when we stretch ourselves … when we try new things, cook a new recipe, embrace a new skill, try new puzzles that stretch our thinking, take a pottery class, embrace a friendship or relationship with someone that is different to us, and open ourselves up to new hobbies and interests, because it is in these new opportunities that we develop and evolve, because when we try new things, gifts and talents we did not even know we had emerge & new strengths begin to unfold. Try something that you have never done & generally a good place to start is by asking yourself what you have said “I can’t do that!” too and then go do exactly that! Overwhelm that negative thought with a POSITIVE ACTION and watch what happens!! Yes you may be unsure of how to begin or even where to begin, but if you pull on your inner wisdom and already well established-strengths and use those resources to get you started, you will gradually build momentum. Even asking someone for help from can also see those “I can’t do that!” become “I can do that … I DID do that!”. There is so much out there to explore and to enjoy and comfort zones are only zones of contentment never true, deep, nourishing and everlasting fulfilment. It is ok to change and to allow yourself to evolve and grow so that you can become all that you are destined to become and created to be. Change is inevitable, growth is optimal!  GO FOR IT! ❤️

thank you for being here …

27 March 2017

… incase no one has told you today … YOU ARE AWESOME and this world is better for having you here! Keep shining beautiful one, because this world needs your love, truth, smiles, kisses, hugs, laughs, inspiration, strength, courage, faith, wisdom, beauty and light!

Thank you for being here! ✨

small steps make big dreams happen!

24 March 2017

… when you are unsure of what is going to happen or if something will turn out the way you think, or if you become overwhelmed because of the infinite possibilities that start to flood your visions, hopes and dreams, to stay grounded and to bring you some inner peace and calm … simply focus on the next step. Focus on that tiny little step that will keep you moving forward whilst you wait for The Universe to show you the next (step) and the next. I must admit that I am the first one to get a little impatient at times (and sometimes a lot impatient at others), but reminding myself of the next step and focusing on DAILY guidance and implementing the steps I am being asked to take, is all I can ever do, and it is from there, that we continue to build and gain the momentum we need that keeps us moving forward in our passion and with purpose. yes we all have goals and dreams and an idea of how we think something is going to go, but we must remember that The Universe is going to take us on the journey it needs, so that we can share the message that It needs us to share. The journey is never ending but the view is always beautiful and if you continue to rise up each day and give it your best, The Universe does promise to give you Its best back. You are worthy and deserve a great life so never settle for average when you were born for GREATNESS. Be thankful for where you are whilst you work towards where you are being called to go, and continue to honour that call that has specifically been placed over your life. God bless, and may the plan that The Divine has for your life be the one to come first and to always succeed. You deserve it! ✨

your scars make you beautiful.

21 March 2017

… every detail about you is exquisite and part of the beautiful mosaic that is your life. yes some of us (myself included) have physical scars that we carry through life – battle wounds if you will, but we all carry scars, pain, heart aches and heart breaks that others may never know about, but this means that they never need to be denied or not appreciated because your scars make you, you, and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. They make you real, they make you alive and scars are only proof that you were, and are, stronger than anything that has tried to bring you down and anything that may ever try again. Every time I look down at my knee, I think “I am here for a reason” & it motivates me to get back into the arena and keep trying no matter what challenges come for me to learn and to grow through. Easier said than done at times I am the first to admit! My scar is a comfort because it is a gentle reminder from God that I am here to do something and to press on, and I offer these words as a comfort to you too. You are here for a reason … we need you here at this particular time to do something that only you can do so never shy away from your light, your truth and your calling because the world needs to hear your message, however that message is to be delivered. Your scars make you beautiful … wear them with pride and remember that no matter how messy life gets, there is a MESSage in that chaos! You are beautiful, inside and out. 💕