progress … Not perfection.

29 October 2016


☀️✨ “we are a work in progress” … life is a journey of exploration and discovery, to be enjoyed through experience. so too with us as human-beings. we are not here to be perfect or need to “get it right” every time. we are here to learn and grow, and for us to progress on this path towards our highest self whilst helping those around us do the same. take the pressure off yourself, take a big deep breathe in and out, and allow all of the pressure you are placing on yourself and your heart to be released. yes it is great to have a high standard for yourself and for your life, and to have goals you WILL conquer, but avoid sacrificing who you want to be, for who you are now, because you are just as amazing in this moment as you will be in the next.☄️ you are amazing! HAPPY SATURDAY! ☀️

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