small steps make big dreams happen!

24 March 2017

… when you are unsure of what is going to happen or if something will turn out the way you think, or if you become overwhelmed because of the infinite possibilities that start to flood your visions, hopes and dreams, to stay grounded and to bring you some inner peace and calm … simply focus on the next step. Focus on that tiny little step that will keep you moving forward whilst you wait for The Universe to show you the next (step) and the next. I must admit that I am the first one to get a little impatient at times (and sometimes a lot impatient at others), but reminding myself of the next step and focusing on DAILY guidance and implementing the steps I am being asked to take, is all I can ever do, and it is from there, that we continue to build and gain the momentum we need that keeps us moving forward in our passion and with purpose. yes we all have goals and dreams and an idea of how we think something is going to go, but we must remember that The Universe is going to take us on the journey it needs, so that we can share the message that It needs us to share. The journey is never ending but the view is always beautiful and if you continue to rise up each day and give it your best, The Universe does promise to give you Its best back. You are worthy and deserve a great life so never settle for average when you were born for GREATNESS. Be thankful for where you are whilst you work towards where you are being called to go, and continue to honour that call that has specifically been placed over your life. God bless, and may the plan that The Divine has for your life be the one to come first and to always succeed. You deserve it! ✨

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