spring has sprung. time to embrace some change!

1 September 2016

with a new season upon us, one typically associated with new beginnings, it is the perfect time to set positive intentions as to what you want to achieve in your health, finances, spiritual growth and all of those other goals and visions you have been diligently working towards! An added bonus is tonight is a NEW MOON, with this comes an added kick to refresh and start over on anything that you know needs a bit of a shake up! EVEN YOURSELF! IMG_8042EMBRACE CHANGE because when you do, you allow yourself to be opened up by new experiences and to learn things about yourself that may be hidden right now! Do one thing today that is totally “not you” and see the difference it will make … it’s time to crack yourself open a little and move beyond all of those things that are comfortable and becoming boring! Change in life is always going to happen so we can either enjoy the ride, or be dragged, but either way – it is going to happen! And the more you try and stop it and control it, the more frustrated you will become! EMBRACE CHANGE as you will only be dragged into submission anyway! Change is a good thing as every day becomes the amazing adventure that it promises to be! Spice it up a bit! I DARE YOU!

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