surrender, embrace.

3 May 2017


🌙 SURRENDER. EMBRACE. 🌙 first quarter moon phase is upon us once again and this waxing/growing phase represents NEW beginnings, NEW growth, planting NEW ideas to come into fruition and is also a great time to learn, read and gain NEW knowledge and wisdom. Stay open to new ideas, thoughts, visions and dreams that you have and if you feel drawn to something that you may have otherwise not been drawn to in the past, then this is your time to FOLLOW IT! The seeds that are planted now have the exciting potential to blossom into something NEW and amazing so don’t be shy, follow your insight and as the moon grows, so too shall your dream. SURRENDER the old to make way for the new and EMBRACE all that is flowing to you, in you and through you so that your positive intentions create and manifest positive results. The Universe will always give you It’s best if you allow it … As above, so too below. Namaste. ✨🌙

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