The power of love … (I think there’s a song about that?!)

All you need is love! Have truer words ever been spoken?! I think not.

The greatest tool we have to transcend any limitations and overcome any struggles, hurt or pain is to learn to love yourself unconditionally and the world around you. The only way to truly heal and live from a higher state of consciousness and awareness and to move away from the darkness and turn towards the light, is by returning all of our parts to our truth which is by showering ourselves with LOVE. Love is the highest vibrational energy there is and your true self is a creation of love. Love is not a feeling, it is an emotion (an energy emotion) and is a state of BEING. In order to BE love to others and the world around us, we must first learn how to BE loving to ourselves.



“Living in the love vibration” may be a simple concept to understand, but it can be our most difficult challenge. Living in the love vibration means keeping our ego/personality in check as we relate to people and circumstances from “the high watch,” our soul-self. Our ego easily indulges in the dramas of life. We invest emotional and physical energy in advancing the ego through superiority, security, and status. Our soul-self is the wise, detached participant-observer. It experiences life but is not consumed by it. It recognizes life as the unfolding of a Divine Plan, the evolving of Spirit within form. The soul-self trusts that “all things work together for good.”
– Dr Shirley Marshall

There are so many types of love in this world, but never the same love twice. Allow yourself to live in this state of BEING love and to radiate this higher frequency wherever you go. Divine Love is what you were created from and who you are. It is your essence, your core and the power of your presence. Let nothing or no one enter your inner kingdom, unless it/they come with love … you are one with the infinite spirit and when you make choices coming from LOVE, you are literally allowing the Divine into your life.
Love really is the closest things we have to magic and the love we have for ourselves, keeps us in tune with the love life has for us.

Soul is freedom love is power hope is love dreams are revolution


in love and light
esther xo

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