‪ surrender to Divine flow. ‬
‪each new stage of growth and evolution, is going to require a series of steps and processes to help you release the old way of being, so that you can embrace the new wings that you are being given. avoid trying to rush it, force it or manipulate it into the way you believe the process ought to be occurring and simply surrender and allow. remind yourself that being uncomfortable is only temporary and is simply you being nudged out your comfort zone, so that you can be opened up to new experiences, & talents and skills that you have within can be birthed. It is the coupling of this that allows Consciousness to push you deeper and further into your purpose & for you to walk your soul-path. God’s ways are not our ‘human’ ways and It’s timing is always perfect, so avoid blocking your blessings because you become out of sync with Divine Consciousness because of frustrations and impatience getting the best of you. the only thing you need to focus on is ‘right here right now’ and then keep following your Divine guidance on a DAILY basis. each day is different, you are different each day and the needs and demands of the day are different so what works today is not going to be the same thing that works tomorrow or the same thing that helped yesterday. everyday is an opportunity for you to change your life – so embrace it, give your best, allow yourself to receive all of the goodness that God is constantly sharing with you and wear a smile filled with grace and gratitude. Happy Friday & God bless. ☀️ ‬

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