Will you answer the call?

6 February 2017

There comes a time in your life when you just get it. When the trials that you have endured have given birth to the wisdom that is now accepted and shared, when the challenges that you have been asked to walk through have now become the solid foundation to which you build your life, when the ‘i’ll do it tomorrow’s’ cease to exist because you recognise that there is no better time than this moment to change your life because tomorrow is not promised only hoped for so you may as well cease this moment. and in this an even greater truth has been realised … this change is only possibly because of the soft stroke from the hand of The Divine is now saying “get ready … it’s your turn to step forward into the unfamiliar and unknown and to do what it is you have been sent here to do”,  and with a gentle and humble nod and smile you simply know and accept this message. And this has only become possible because you have now become totally connected and embroidered into the fabric of the Universe because there is no ‘It’s path” or “my path” there is simply and only “the path” … the path that you have been chosen to live in response to the call that has been calling you for such a long time and maybe was not first acknowledged because of being worried to dream so big because of the ‘what if it doesn’t work?’ but now the call of “but what if it does?” has become too strong and requires attention and focus and can no longer be ignored. you now know that the deep yearnings of your soul are not simply hopes and dreams, but they are your soul speaking to you from the future as it watches you from a distance, eagerly awaiting your arrival, and in its soft, sweet, gentle voice says “don’t be afraid .. I am already here, in your future and it is beautiful” and with that, you ease into alignment with the ebbs and flows of life as your heartbeat now matches and becomes one with the heartbeat of the Universe. the sun that shines on you is only a reflection of the light that you bring to each day, the birds that are singing their sweet lullabies are simply echoes of the beautiful melodies that are now flowing through your body and the gentle nature of the plants and trees as they dance backwards and forwards in the wind, is yet another reminder of how we must dance to our own tune whilst still appreciating and respecting all of those around us. how our continual drive towards the heavens is not only a want in our life but a must, and that our true heights can and will only ever be reached when we help others achieve theirs too. there is no “I” or “me” in this journey through life, there is only “us” and if we want to go far we must do it together and to use what we have to compliment each other so that we can all travel and arrive back home safely. there is no better time than right now to change your life by honouring your calling and when it does call again, will you answer?

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