you are your own universe.

… you are the Universe experiencing itself subjectively and you are here to do something that only you can do. What is it? Are you honouring your calling and because of it you are in flow with life, or are you being dragged along in quiet submission because you have not taken the time to explore who you are, your interests and passions and have not taken time to actively pursue them? ✨ You were specifically chosen to be here – Earth Side, before you were birthed and incarnated at the time that you did and the exact moment of your ‘birth’ was planned right down to the second. You owe it to yourself to explore the depths of your being & to bless the world with your talents, gifts, unique abilities and creative inspirations. you are magnificent and we need you to do what you have come here to do! You are your own universe within the Universe and if you choose to honour your calling, your life will positively respond to match all of your dreams and visions you bring into existence. 🙏🏻We need you and we want you! ✨🔮

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