you deserve your dreams!

23 February 2015

IMG_7419There are times in our lives when we go after things and sometimes we hit and sometimes we miss, that is just how life works. There are times when things are not going to go right, we are going to get disappointed and we will beat ourselves up a bit and you may question if what it is you’re doing really is what you should be doing and I am here to say – YES IT IS! Don’t let one small inconvenience and set back, take you out of the game and definitely do not give up so easily! You are just being tested on how much you REALLY do want what it is that you say you want and it is up to YOU to prove to yourself that you really can do it and that you can make a difference in this world. It is in these ‘misses’ that will allow your true passion and determination for the goals you set, to be most realised and for you to really see what it is that you want and why it is that you really want it. If something means a lot to you, not achieving it first off, will only increase your motivation to keep relentlessly pursuing it and it is then up to you to use that increased determination to your full advantage and to KEEP CHASING YOUR DREAM. Do not chase the dream or give up on the dream – just change the path that YOU CHOOSE to create to get there. I have said to man times that your dreams are given to you for a reason but you are also given the strength and power to make them happen, so do exactly that – MAKE THEM HAPPEN. You will find a way or you will find an excuse but either way, it is always your choice. Trust that the Universe has your back, is looking after you and truly does want the best for you and that what we call ‘rejection’, is simply the Universe’s way of saying “wrong direction”. Embrace all of the high’s and low’s you have experienced throughout the journey, because often times, the person you have become along the way, the people you have met, the courage you have found within yourself and the passion for what you bring to this world, ends up becoming far more important than ‘the prize’. Ask yourself, what it is that you want, WHY you want it and then create another plan on how you ARE going to achieve it. THERE IS GREATNESS IN YOU and YOU ARE WORTHY OF YOUR DREAMS!! Don’t give up on them because they won’t give up on you!! FIGHT FOR THEM! x

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