your light …

12 March 2017

✨ your light can never be destroyed by any darkness that may come to you. the darkness is nothing to be scared of for the darkness represents a great paradox of life: the darkness is also the light, the challenge is also the victory and the pain is also the freedom. never lose hope in the light that you are because it is this deep inner knowing – a core truth that is a whisper from the wisdom of your essence, that will always help you find your way home. you are far greater on the inside than anything in the external world that might be trying to bring you down and any scar you endure is simply proof that you are stronger than what was trying to hurt you and it is those things that try and hurt you are the very things that connect you to all of life. ✨ you are luminous, full of truth and nothing that ever comes your way will ever be able to destroy either. And on the eve of yet another full moon whispering her secrets to us, it is the perfect time to bathe in her intense positive energy to propel you further towards your destiny and deeper into the mystery and magic of all that is life. peace, love and blessings fellow soul travellers. 💜✨


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