your passion is your purpose …

22 December 2014

your passion is your purpose and it will keep presenting itself to you, urging you to notice it and then honour its calling. It is your birthright to live in your truth, live your life with passion and to be doing what you love. It might seem crazy, scary and there could be a lot of doubt to leave what you are currently doing in pursuit of what you know you truly want to be doing but that small moment of fear is nothing compared to waking up every day and totally loving your¬†life and feeling aligned with Spirit. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks either because you are living life on your terms and it is your happiness and bliss that comes first. Yes there may be obstacles to overcome and things to adjust, but the key is to not downgrade your dream to match your reality, but to upgrade your faith to match your destiny! live your dreams … you deserve it!IMG_6067

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