your scars make you beautiful.

… every detail about you is exquisite and part of the beautiful mosaic that is your life. yes some of us (myself included) have physical scars that we carry through life – battle wounds if you will, but we all carry scars, pain, heart aches and heart breaks that others may never know about, but this means that they never need to be denied or not appreciated because your scars make you, you, and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. They make you real, they make you alive and scars are only proof that you were, and are, stronger than anything that has tried to bring you down and anything that may ever try again. Every time I look down at my knee, I think “I am here for a reason” & it motivates me to get back into the arena and keep trying no matter what challenges come for me to learn and to grow through. Easier said than done at times I am the first to admit! My scar is a comfort because it is a gentle reminder from God that I am here to do something and to press on, and I offer these words as a comfort to you too. You are here for a reason … we need you here at this particular time to do something that only you can do so never shy away from your light, your truth and your calling because the world needs to hear your message, however that message is to be delivered. Your scars make you beautiful … wear them with pride and remember that no matter how messy life gets, there is a MESSage in that chaos! You are beautiful, inside and out. 💕

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